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Moloka'i Hawaii HoneyMolokai Meli is a family owned and operated business. Every member of the Kaneshiro family has his or her part to play from honey tasting experts to beeremoval professionals. We feel blessed to have a business that allows us to work together, support ourselves, and have fun in the process! Our apiaries are set up on the remote Hawaiian island of Molokai in the heart of thriving kiawe forests. This is our secret for producing the pure gourmet kiawe honey that comes fromMolokai Meli.Meli is the Hawaiian word for honey. As our name shows, we are all about local honey.

Bee Hive Molokai HawaiiBecause we live on an isolated island, we have been able to keep mainland diseases (like mites) from entering our apiaries. We are committed to the health of our colonies as well as those in all of our islands. We have been able to develop our apiaries from 100% local Molokai bees that we have relocated from wild hives. We know of no other apiary that has hand-picked all of its hives from the wild. As you can see, our bees are pretty special to us. We think you'll agree that their honey is pretty special, too.




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Organic Honey from Moloka'i Hawaii, USA

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